Get Involved

Are you...

Inspired to build a more just and equitable community right now? Here are some projects already happening:

Faithful citizenship Teams

Helping to spread the teaching on forming consciences for faithful citizenship is important. We have a model that is parish-based, rooted in recognizing the local community as being the most trust worthy source for teaching and informing. If you are interested in being an instructor for your parish or for more information on building a team and training opportunities, please reach out to our Office. 

Local Advocacy

Local efforts are the most direct way that people can get involved. From City Council to County Board of Supervisors, and all the way up through the state-wide offices, we encourage the faithful to engage with their elected officials on efforts that affect them locally. Reach out to our Office for information on how to build an advocacy team as well as for additional help with local issues. 

Catholic Youth Advocacy Day

Our program takes high schoolers from across the state to Sacramento for a day of prayer and advocacy. A joint project between the Ministry for Young Catholics and the Office of Advocacy.